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I will give guidance to any level of music practise for free. Share your journey with me as a tutor or even give advice for my musical path. Looking to give your progress a positive impact. The primary focus is to help everyone have the most efficient study. Lessons, theories and concepts provided too better the art of practise.


My attention is on those who play just for the sake of playing. Starting new, who set out to explore the various contemporary styles music has to offer. Along with others who might be more specific to their compass, moving in a specific direction such as myself. Here people get together, spend more time with their instrument, refine their musical path and join musicians to learn with.

  • It's free!

  • Show students/teachers your progress through video/audio.

  • Gives learning a human touch as you interact with others.

  • For all levels of musicianship and all instruments.

  • Find what learning sources work for others and study with them.

  • Comment and ask questions on any lessons you have of your own, want to see, or have seen.

  • Request songs and see how others might play them. 

  • Perform and post your own music.

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